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Another year, another Christmas

Isn’t it scary how fast time passes? I remember my mother saying

the older you get, the faster time goes

which, of course, I thought was absolutely mad!

It turns out (unsurprisingly) that she was right. Don’t you remember those childhood days, laying on the floor and staring up at your family Christmas tree, just aching to have those days until the Big Day pass more quickly? How slowly the days of school went, yet how quickly the summer holidays passed?

And now, time seems to go so quickly. The days, weeks and months whiz by. All of a sudden, I’m a year older, and it’s almost the end of 2015. Last year this time, I was pretty miserable, as I had 2 chemo sessions during the holidays – and wasn’t sure what state I’d be in come the next Christmas.

xmas 2015

Way-hey, it’s Christmas!

But here I am, ticking along, doing well. We have our friends’ goodie bags all ready to delivery this evening, and all the gifts are under the tree.

I feel so thankful to be here, to be healthy, and to have my darling husband and funny boxer dogs here to hug and cuddle me. I have a great daughter, a fantastic son-in-law and 2 perfect granddaughters to give me purpose. Hopefully in the future we’ll be spending every Christmas together, which is about as good as it gets.

Merry Christmas!


Moving on

Here at Casa Tyr, we are struggling with the holiday season. It’s been an awful year all round, and despite the fact that we adore Christmas, it’s just hard sometimes to feel cheerful.

Milo tries his best to keep us occupied – he has really enjoyed having Kenton to himself, and has regressed to puppyhood, I think! He has a new ‘grunty pig’ toy, which is still working after a week’s play – that never, ever happened with 2 dogs in the house!

Calle Larios, Malaga

Calle Larios, Malaga (photo by Kenton@imagenary.co.uk)

We have little Matilda (and parents!) coming to see us on the 26th for a few days, and we are certain that will cheer us all up. Despite her mother’s fretting, Matilda fits in beautifully with the different routine, and will revel, I’m sure, in finally have a “gaaaa” (dog/grandma/grandpa, take your pick!) to look at and fuss.

So lots of walks will be taken, Christmas lights will be looked at, food will be eaten, and friends will be visited. Time moves on and so do we.

Merry Christmas to all, and thanks for the support in 2013