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Los melones han llegado!

That’s right, you heard it here first – the melons have arrived at Casa Tyr!

We always plant melons, many more than we need, as nothing quite beats the sweet, juicy goodness of a melon fresh from the garden. I grow the smaller varieties – Sugar Babies, Ice box, and so on. The humungous melons that you find in Spain are enough for a family of 10, and not suitable for just the 2 of us. Although having said “the 2 of us”, I really mean the four of us, as the boxer dogs love melon! In fact, you have to keep a close eye on Milo in the melon patch, or he’ll pull one off the vine quicker than you can imagine!

We have tried growing what they call a “Seville melon” here in Yunquera, but we weren’t too keen on those, and gave most of them away. Plain old “water melon” isn’t highly valued in Yunquera for some reason (maybe because they are commonly grown), but we like them.

Hales melon grown at Casa Tyr

Hales melon, cut and ready to enjoy!

This year, I grew what is called a Hales melon, which is an heirloom variety of melon. They are (I think) a type of cantaloupe, and supposed to be the sweetest, juiciest variety around. They have quite a thin skin, so aren’t generally good for shipping, which is probably why you don’t see them in the supermarkets. Lucky us, we can just pop down to the garden and fetch one up for lunch! 🙂

Well, we ate our first one day, and the pundits are quite right – these little beauties are fantastic!