A highland fling

our wee adventure on the Black Isle

Oh, my aching…

You can fill in the blank yourself !!

This is a tough time of year. It’s spring. You’ve survived another long winter, triumphed over nature again! I’m sure it goes back to prehistoric days, when in winter you were in serious danger from freezing or starving to death. This is no longer true for most of us, but you still have a very glad feeling when winter is over.

But in spring, you can so easily be deceived! One day it will be sunny and warm, and you will be full of the joys of spring. The next? Rainy and cold again, until you feel like winter will never truly be over.

We’ve had that type of spring here in Yunquera. In April, we had some glorious weather, and we felt sure we were in for an early summer. End of the rain. No more cold days. Or so we thought! Since then, though, it’s been up and down.

On the rainy days, everything aches. Or at least for me! Any joint I’ve ever injured aches: my poor hands, with the many fingers that have been broken in the past; my knees, survivors of past surgeries; toes, also previously broken.

We saw our friend working in the vineyard this morning, and asked how he was. “Regular”, was the answer. He said his leg hurts a lot. “Why?” we ask. “Because I’m 70 years old”, says he. He’s cranky about it, and I don’t blame him. It’s been a long, damp winter.

Come the warm weather though, and we all know that all those aches and pains will disappear. By July, they are a distant memory, and boy, am I looking forward to that!

And now, something to cheer us all up – the first of the summer roses is in full bloom!

Pink rose from Casa Tyr

First of the summer roses (photo by Kenton@imagenary.co.uk)