A highland fling

our wee adventure on the Black Isle

Life Story

I was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Doris and Bob Larson.

Update 1: I have been reminded to mention that I have 2 brothers (Bill, Dick) and 2 sisters (Susan, Nancy) – all of whom live in the US, and too far away for my liking!

Update 2: I have been reminded to mention my great friend Lisa, left behind in Sioux Falls. We have been friends since…well…more than a few years! Love ya, Lis!

After an uneventful childhood, I attended university in SD, then at 20, married, traveled, bore a lovely child Margaret, divorced, and ended up in England, married to a wonderful man called Kenton.

Both of us worked in IT – me on the technical side, and Kenton in sales. It was a heady time to be in IT, full of innovation, false starts, hard work, and, mostly, success. But after 20 years in the business, what next? More of the same, til you retire fed up and knackered?

We answered with a resounding “NO”!! Sell up, drive to Spain, and purchase an 22 acre olive farm in the mountains of Andalucia. What else could we do?

4 thoughts on “Life Story

  1. And had a child, a wonderful child! Bad mmy!!


  2. Oops, how can one forget such an incredibly painful event! 🙂 Sorry!


  3. No mention of sibblings?


  4. I’m not exactly a sibling, but you are too far away for my liking, too.