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Siblings – what are yours like?

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I’m thinking a lot about my brothers and sisters today, as everyone but me is meeting in Michigan for a wedding. We are all determined to get together as we can – it was important to our mother, and since she died, we have continued the custom.

It’s not always easy – the five of us are scattered all over the US, with me even further away in Europe, so it’s always a matter of long drives or flying. It’s time-consuming and expensive, but we still do try our best!

So. The wedding. It will be a lovely affair, I’m sure, and I am so sorry to miss it! The timing isn’t great for me – expensive summer flights, and getting there would be a nightmare of 24 or more hours of travel. Add to that Kenton’s lower limb surgery a few months ago, and it just wasn’t possible this time. That doesn’t mean I’m happy to miss it!

Nancy and Peggy

My little sister and my daughter, enjoying a chat many years ago!

We Larsons especially love to meet at breakfast time for informal chats. Everyone is up at different times, so it’s a nice way to have a chat in ones and twos. (I’m always jet-lagged, so I am the first up, usually about 6am!!)

This is a pretty cool thing, in my book, especially as I never felt we were particularly close growing up. Finding commonality as adults doesn’t always happen in a family!

Also, many families never grow beyond those sibling rivalries and irritations. It is soooo easy to think back about all the times you imagine being wronged!

She said something nasty, and I’ve never forgotten!

He used to  be mean to me!

He never talked to me!

She slapped me once, and mom did nothing!

These are the little, meaningless, childish grudges that we hope to grow beyond, but sometimes don’t! As adults, we have often disagreed on religion, politics, and most everything in between, but we seldom get bent out of shape about it.

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the nieces/nephews and respective wives/husbands over the years. I am always amazed and pleased that the  younger generation also considers it important to get to know us oldies!

So, my brothers and sisters, I hope you have a lovely time, and perhaps you will miss me as much as I will be missing you. In my opinion, for a family of cool-as-ice Scandinavians, we do pretty well at the love stuff.

Author: Ann Larson

One-time IT executive who lives on a 22 acre olive farm in Spain with husband Kenton and 2 boxer dogs. We make Yunquera Gold olive oil, and soap and skincare products from same. We aim to make natural, fresh, and handmade products at affordable prices!

One thought on “Siblings – what are yours like?

  1. Thanks Ann! I keep meaning to send you some photos from my Blackberry, and I will soon I hope. The wedding was lovely and we did miss you at breakfast! Also all of Marilyn’s brothers were there so it was nice to see them too.

    We’ll have to think hard about when we might be able to have our next reunion.

    Thanks also for posting this photo again, I do enjoy it!