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To everything there is a season

And how true that is. I am just back home from a wonderful visit with my granddaughter Matilda (and her family!!), and from a week of work at the very nice company Simple Click.

Matilda was her usual lovely self, learning new things every day. I think she might even have remembered me from the last visit, because it seemed to take her less time to feel comfortable with me again. I feel very lucky to be ‘young’ enough to see many years with her ahead of me, getting to know Miss Matilda. Matilda and GL April 2013 1

Back home again, Kenton and I nipped into the village to replenish the cupboards. Sadly, we also received news of a death in the family of a friend. It hit me hard – how can something so terribly sad happen on such a lovely day? How can children be left without a parent? It is beyond understanding.

In our village, if they had been here, the family would be inundated with visitors. It is a time when everyone in the village comes to give you a hug, bring a meal, cry with you. Not for them the ‘stiff upper lip’ approach of elsewhere, where even grieving tears will make people look the other way.

I like the rural way. There is never a way to make the death of a loved one easy, but here, it is somehow easier to see it as a part of life.

You see nature, both good and bad. You see that on the other side we have a young child like Matilda to balance the sadness. She will live, grow and love; that somehow makes life OK for me again.


Author: Ann Larson

One-time IT executive who lives on a 22 acre olive farm in Spain with husband Kenton and 2 boxer dogs. We make Yunquera Gold olive oil, and soap and skincare products from same. We aim to make natural, fresh, and handmade products at affordable prices!

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