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My friend Jenny is on holiday this week. I’m glad, too, as she has really had one hell of a year.

Similar to the year Kenton and I had a few years ago, in fact. She has endured the deaths of a very close friend, an aunt and an uncle. More than you should have to live through in a year, in my opinion. I know my mother said we can endure anything sent our way (and I agree with her), but this type of year really pushes that boundary.

Anyway, she is on holiday, like I said. She loves the US, and wanted to go somewhere that didn’t involve too long a flight. She asked me about Houston. Nix on that. I suggested the Florida Keys. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never actually been there, but, as they say, I’ve read the reviews!

So there she went. With a spare suitcase for filling with shopping – Jenny loves to shop in the US! I heard from her yesterday, an absolutely hilarious email. Suffice to say that, with only 4 hours of sleep due to jet lag, her mind was going in strange directions! I know the feeling.

Have fun, Jenny, you deserve it!

Author: Ann Larson

One-time IT executive who lives on a 22 acre olive farm in Spain with husband Kenton and 2 boxer dogs. We make Yunquera Gold olive oil, and soap and skincare products from same. We aim to make natural, fresh, and handmade products at affordable prices!

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