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Vacations are such hard work

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Why is it so hard to prepare to go on vacation? I’m sure it shouldn’t be like this. It certainly wasn’t like that when I was a kid – I just had to wait for mom to get me out of bed and tell me where to sit, and bob’s your uncle, you’re on vacation.

Not now, though. We had to start preparing last week for only a few days away. Spray the garden. Water the garden. Then do it again today. Can any tomatoes that are ready. Arrange the kennels. Make Lujos goodies. Get the car checked out. Make a last minute delivery of ripe veg to friends. Pack. Water the greenhouse and flowers.

So now we’re finally ready to go, and we’re exhausted. Hopefully we will be totally pampered when we get there. Because you know what? It takes just as long to catch up when you get back from vacation as it did to prepare for it in the first place!

Author: Ann Larson

One-time IT executive who lives on a 22 acre olive farm in Spain with husband Kenton and 2 boxer dogs. We make Yunquera Gold olive oil, and soap and skincare products from same. We aim to make natural, fresh, and handmade products at affordable prices!

One thought on “Vacations are such hard work

  1. I agree. This is why I always plan for a day or two to recover from vacation before I have to go back to work. If children knew how much work it is to be an adult, they would stop wanting to grow up so fast!

    BTW Bob’s your dad 🙂 (that must be a British expression, I had never heard it before).