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The terrorist of the campo


We’ve had lots of bugs, worms and flies this year….you name it, we’ve had it. I think it’s because of the rainy winter – they are all out in abundance, and it’s only June!

So you know about our cabbage worms already. We’ve seen worms attacking our freshly-dug potatoes, too, and have had to put some ‘anti-worm’ powder on them. I hate to do it, but if you don’t, you end up with a crate full of mushy, stinky potato mess.

The horse flies are around this time of year, too. They don’t bother the plants, but man, oh man, do they bother us! If they land on  you, they bite, and bite hard. For me, this means several days of swelling around the bite, and eventually the bite goes septic. Lovely.

A constant in the garden is a very large grasshopper-type thing. There are two types, one that just hops, and one that can also fly short distances. The latter type you usually see only in the vineyard, but the hopping type is everywhere. And they eat everything – grapes, tomatoes, the lot. Manuel calls them “bin Ladens”. When I asked him why, he said because they are the terrorists of the campo! Funny.

My niece in NY state said she’d like to come here for a visit, which would be great. The downer is that she hates bugs! And, while we don’t have them in the house, the campo around the house is full of wildlife, so I’m not sure how she’d react to that. What do you say, Lizzie? What would you do if you saw a critter like that, about 4 inches long, with a head as big as your fingernail? The dogs found one, and it was all we could do to keep them from eating it! Here’s what it looked like:

Manuel's worst enemy! (photo by Imagenary)

Manuel's worst enemy! (photo by Imagenary)

On a happier subject, we picked another “mess” of beans – two types – today for the freezer. I think they look great.

Green and golden beans from the garden

Green and golden beans from the garden

Author: Ann Larson

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3 thoughts on “The terrorist of the campo

  1. HB K.

    Enjoy your holiday.



  2. Lizzie would not like spiders but she does like grasshoppers. She also likes snakes, and when we were in Florida she loved chasing the lizards (did not catch any). She does not like nighttime moths, and I have not told her of their abundance in the Black Hills.


    • We have loads of the little lizards here – they are really cute, so I can see why she likes them! We don’t have too many nighttime moths, but certainly have some impressive spiders!