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Marbella and “the crisis”


Following on from my rant yesterday about having to get a new SIM, we went to Marbella today to do the dirty deed. It was actually pretty easy, all things considered, and didn’t arouse our ire any more than absolutely necessary! The Yoigo cell phone people were pretty good, I have to say.

I was idly looking around Marbella while Kenton was taking photos for his “Big Picture” feature in the Olive Press newspaper. We looked around the Golden Mile (aka mega rich shopping street), then cruised round the flash “how the other half lives” apartments on the beach. Then we went to the old town, took more photos, and had lunch.

Marbella is actually a pretty cool city, despite the fact that a little over forty years ago, it was just a secluded fishing village. In that time, it has turned into one of Europe’s leading playgrounds for the rich and famous, and has some of the most expensive real estate on the Costa del Sol.

As expected there is a huge contrast between the new area (Golden Mile + beachfront) and the old town. The new area is full of high-rise, flash apartments. The old town has extremely narrow residential streets – all with huge pots of flowers, or even potted trees, outside their front door.

We were last in the old town over a year ago. In that time, it has changed enormously, as has the Golden Mile. Not more development, as you’d expect, but an influx of “for sale” or “for rent” signs on houses and shops.

My conclusion? Marbella may still be wealthy, but it is much less wealthy than before. Hey, maybe we should retire there!

Beachfront in the "new" part of Marbella

Beachfront in the "new" part of Marbella

A gorgeous restaurant - no more

A gorgeous restaurant - no more

Author: Ann Larson

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  1. can we retire from being retired ? or does that mean we have to go back to work – if we did that could we then retire again ?