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OMG, pork pies!

For the past few days, since I made the first lot of piccalilli, Kenton has been going on and on about pork pies. Pork pies and piccalilli.

This conversation topic would seem odd to you if you don’t know Kenton. He loves pork pies! (well, scotch eggs and cheddar cheese, too, but that’s a topic for another day)

My American readers may wonder what the heck pork pies are. I had never heard of them before moving to England, in fact. According to Wikipedia, the source of All Good Knowledge, they are:

… a type of meat pie and are traditional British food. They consist of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly sealed in a hot water crust pastry

That they do. They are very popular snack items, but as you’d expect, the recipe (and quality) varies widely. Many of the cheaper commercial varieties have gelatin injected under the crust, to cut down on the amount of pork used in the pie. Many also use poor quality, gristly pork. They can be pretty disgusting, in fact. (not as disgusting as jellied eels, but I digress)

A good pork pie recipe was found on the Delia Smith website (the source of most recipes for Really Good British Food). Her recipe contained no gelatin at all, just chopped pork, bacon, herbs and spices, wrapped inside a homemade hot water crust.

Delicious. In fact, so good that we are having these for dinner tonight, along with some of our new piccalilli. (Yes, I know we are supposed to let it mature for 3 months, but we have no willpower! None!)

Our piccalilli and pork pies !

Our piccalilli and pork pies !

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